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    Tuning. Tuning cars. Tuning in Sochi. Pro Sport. Tuning VAZ. Auto Tuning-Tuning cars. Autotuning. We offer a wide range of tuning ...

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    Basketball is one of the most popular games in Russia. Basketball played two teams. From each team at a site located 5 people total in ...

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    Ice hockey is a sport in which two teams try to stick to the puck before the gate of the enemy.Ice hockey is played on ice. The most ...

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  • 02.10.2015 - новости
    Organization of corporate ...

    Paintball Club Pirate launches a new corporate theme in human,Event marketing! Corporate war. Learn and challenge!Media Support.Exciting entertainment event, a wonderful holiday!Order a corporate war in Sochi) +7989750 -33 -87

  • 02.02.2015 - новости
    The winter campaign

    Discount on shares 17 percent for all!!! Lowest price in Sochi!

  • 19.12.2014 - новости
    Ready to start work at ...

    Our specialists are ready to get to work on your site already in Sochi. A full range of services: construction, plumbing, electrical work, finishing, repairs. Hurry Up. t. +7 -988 -166 -20 -47

  • 16.12.2014 - новости
    Give $ 10,000 for ...

    An unprecedented action in Uro-Pro Sochi! In December and January! A gift certificate for the treatment on 10 000 rubles. When you contact a clinic Uro-Pro you get just 2 certificate ($ 5,000 each). You can use a single ...

  • 29.11.2014 - новости
    Krasnaya Polyana rental ...

    Friends, we are glad to inform you about a new flow of top models in rental K2TUR JONES snowboards! Not even worth describing what kind of snowboards. Jeremy JONES this says it all! Now, on the slopes of Krasnaya Polyana, you ...

  • 16.11.2014 - новости
    Rental of the Krasnaya ...

    New arrival of snowboarding in the ski rental K2TUR in Barrie! Snowboard hire friends in Sochi has prepared for you a new, comfortable and comfortable snowboard boots. Box snowboards in Sochi (Adler) offers boots straight out ...

  • 13.11.2014 - новости
    You go in the Red Glade? ...

    Friends! We are glad to inform you that the box snowboards and ski K2TUR in Sochi (Adler) you can rent a snoublejdy! It's like skiing! But, with the sense of speed is snoublejdami several times and you get a sea of emotions ...

  • 09.02.2014 - новости
    Attention! soon the ...

    Attention! soon the opening of the new Spa Studio Tai Lotus in SanRemo. The Central Quay of Sochi all questions by phone 8918-100-67-50

  • 09.02.2014 - новости
    Children's day!

    June 1 children's day! Holiday offers to spend the day with us! All the money collected on this day will be listed with Charity Fund.

  • 31.08.2014 - новости
    ULTRASOUND in Barrie!

    Now you can do ULTRASOUND in Barrie at the address: UL. Kirov, 30, 2 floor, Office. No. 5. You can sign up for t. +7 -938 -877 -96 -96

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